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Way of the Curious Fist

Burn Baby Burn

in Martial Arts Training

Every one should burn themselves at least once.

(please don’t burn your self after reading this there’s probably something else you can use)

A few days ago I was cooking. I had on a pair of thin vinyl gloves and my hands were wet. When I reach out and touched the grill (accidentally) I heard a loud sizzle and suddenly my hand was back next to my ear. Fortunately the sizzle was made by the water on my hands and not my skin so I wasn’t burned. My hand was on the grill and in the next instant it was far away from the grill without any effort or thought on my part.

This was a good reminder of how we can move when there’s enough incentive.

If you’ve never burned yourself think back to the time you were pricked by a pin or stung by a wasp. Maybe when you were hiking you came around a bend in the trail and found yourself standing next to a rattlesnake. And then suddenly you were six feet down the trail before you realized you had moved.

(I did this once only it was a copperhead, I stepped on it before I knew it was there and I was looking for dinosaur footprints instead of hiking.)

Think back to any time you moved suddenly and without any thought. You were in one place and then you were somewhere else. Remember what that felt like.

When you want to move quickly why would you settle for anything less.

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