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7 reasons you will get stabbed to death

posted in Self Defense

1. You are in Hamburger range.

You should either be just out of reach or So close there is absolutely no space between you and them. If there is even a fraction of an inch you are in hamburger range, and you will become hamburger.

2. You are in a “stance.”

If you hold your arms out in front of you you will lose them.

3. You are not moving enough.

Constant motion is a must. You should always be running or walking. When you stop; you die.

4. They don’t have a knife.

WRONG! They ALWAYS have at least 3-33 blades on them. If you think otherwise you are WRONG, and you will be stabbed to death.

5. You brought a gun to a knife fight.

Anyone who is within 20 feet of you can stab you to death before you will ever get your gun out. This is a fact. You will never be fast enough to change this fact.

6. You started a knife fight.

If someone pulls out a knife and points it at you simply walk away (carefully.) This is not (yet) a knife fight. Don’t make it one.

7. You are in a knife “fight.”

When someone attacks you with a knife you either destroy everything you can touch until they stop moving, or you get stabbed to death. If you are fighting with them, then you are already dead.